Coding Club Level 2 Python: Next Steps

By Chris Roffey

  • Release Date : 2013-11-25
  • Genre : Programmering
  • FIle Size : 83.24 MB


Coding Club Level 2 Python: Next Steps Have you ever wondered how computers can make so much happen? How do they perform calculations, show movies and run amazing games? Learn the basics of coding quickly with a unique new series that will guide young programmers to create their own versions of familiar games and apps and challenge them to adapt and experiment with programs.

Take your Python coding to the next level! This edition of Python Next Steps continues on from Python Basics where readers were introduced to the world of coding and to Python 3. It is aimed at students who have some basic programming experience and are ready to move onto slightly more challenging material.

You will learn how to program and customise a simple calculator, and most importantly, learn essential new programming ideas that will make you a much more accomplished coder.

Designed and written for children with an appealing design and fun approach and simple explanation throughout. Written by a teacher and has an educational focus with objectives, summaries and challenges as well as hints and tips to engage the students. Gives children the chance to experiment and create their own versions of familiar games. Short and manageable with short chapters. Can be used with windows, macs or linux based systems.  Can be used in a classroom where there is no expert teacher or at home with a parent. Recommended by Cambridge International Examinations for use with the IGCSE Computer Science syllabus. Compatible with the Raspberry Pi computer. This edition contains the full text of the original printed book, in addition to installation videos, glossaries and extra hints and tips.